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Roma Burn by Bron



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Introducing a truly luxurious scented candle that combines the essence of three distinct and captivating fragrances. As you light this exquisite candle, your space will be graced with an enchanting blend of Gin & Tonic, Cedarwood, and High-Tide. 

 The invigorating aroma of Gin & Tonic sets the tone with its lively and refreshing notes, reminiscent of a sophisticated cocktail sipped on a warm summer evening. The zesty and citrusy tones create an uplifting ambiance that delights the senses. 

 Interwoven into this olfactory symphony is the warm and woody fragrance of cedarwood. It’s rich and grounding scent adds a touch of elegance, evoking the image of a cozy cabin in the midst of a serene forest. 

 Completing this captivating blend is the evocative scent of high tide, carrying the bracing freshness of the ocean and the captivating allure of the sea breeze. The subtle marine notes create a sense of serenity and tranquility, transporting you to the shores of a breathtaking coastline. 

 Together, these three alluring fragrances intertwine harmoniously in the luxurious candle, inviting you on a sensory journey that captures the essence of elegance, relaxation, and natural beauty. Light this exquisite candle to elevate your space and indulge in moments of sheer delight and sophistication. 

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