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Roma Burn by Bron

Damn Boo

Damn Boo

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Imagine a luxurious candle meticulously crafted with the alluring aroma of bamboo coconut. As you light this exquisite candle, the air will be filled with a captivating blend of fresh green notes from bamboo and the tropical sweetness of coconut. 


The delicate scent of bamboo brings a sense of tranquility and balance, evoking imagines of lush green forests and the gentle rustling of leaves. Harmoniously intertwined, the coconut fragrance adds a touch of exotic allure, transporting you to a serene island paradise with its creamy and inviting aroma. 


This luxurious candle emanates a sense of sophistication and relaxation, making it the perfect addition to your home. Embrace the harmonious combination of bamboo and coconut, and let this captivating fragrance infuse your surroundings with a tranquil ambiance that soothes your senses and provides a moment of indulgence. 

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